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Tracy Roberts, Mide de Haas, Kevin Qualls

Tracy Roberts, Mike de Haas, and Kevin Qualls, had been practicing as independent architects in the Virgin Islands for many years before combining their talents to form one of the largest full-service architectural firms in the territory. This collaboration has allowed the firm to provide well designed and thoroughly executed projects for their clients throughout the Caribbean. 


bout our team at Springline Architects.

We strive to preserve the history and character of our built environment while adapting our heritage buildings for new and modern uses.

Mike de Haas
Principal, AIA, LEED

Mike graduated from North Carolina State University with a Bachelors of Environmental Design in Architecture. A few years after traveling and working in North Carolina and Atlanta, Mike moved to St. Croix to assist in rebuilding after Hurricane Hugo struck in 1989. He found himself captivated by the lifestyle, opportunity and character of the Virgin Islands and decided to dedicate his professional career and family life there.


After working on both St. Croix and St. John, Mike then moved to St. Thomas in 1993 where he opened de Haas & Associates, Architects. Fueled by phenomenal growth in the market, Springline Architects was later formed in 2002, together with Theresa Roberts and Kevin Qualls. This increased manpower led Springline Architects to expand into larger project types. 


Mike also has a keen interest in green practices, which were formed on traditional building methods used in the islands for generations. Great efforts have been made to transform those conservation methods into current models of green building technologies heralded on a worldwide scale, and are exemplified in our office headquarters, which proudly is a Platinum LEED Certified building.

  Principal, AIA

Inspired by their philosophy that architecture should be integrated into the fabric of and improve the value of community, Tracy attended and received her BA of Architecture from Pratt Institute. For the next several years she focused on learning the nuts and bolts of the architectural business by working with a firm in Center City Philadelphia, whose client list consisted mostly of developers.


After moving to the Virgin Islands, Tracy continued her efforts with large scale development but refocused her attention to entitlement work. She strongly believes that the waters, beaches and marine life of St. Thomas are an integral part of the community and deserve the utmost consideration from development. 


For Tracy, it has been important to incorporate the culture of the “green” movement while simultaneously considering the changes and trends of the Architectural community. Case in point, the adoption of the Americas with Disability Act, which can be particularly challenging with the built environment and steep slopes of the islands. Despite the challenges, there is a deep commitment to honoring these changes as they provide better quality of life for the community and reach beyond to affect the greater global good. Tracy is pleased to have partnered with Springline Architects, where there is a commitment to all of these principals.

Tracy Roberts
Kevin Philips
Principal, AIA

Kevin is originally a native of Florida, and spent his childhood all over the southern United States. He graduated from Auburn University in 1983 with a Bachelor of Architecture degree. His working career began in Savannah, Georgia, concentrating on historic renovations in the city and new custom home designs along the coast.


He moved to St. Thomas in 1985, and was soon immersed in the architecture, history, and culture of the islands while working at deJongh and Associates, Architects. In 1988 he became a licensed architect in the Virgin Islands and started his own practice with a focus on residential and commercial designs tailored to the climate, topography, context, and character of the region. Hurricane Hugo in 1989 and Hurricane Marilyn in 1995 gave him a great respect and appreciation for the forces of nature and how buildings should be designed to withstand those forces. 


In 2002, Kevin joined with Tracy Roberts and Mike deHaas to form Springline Architects, LLC, creating one of the largest full-service architectural firms in the territory.


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